Monday, June 10, 2013

"Poor Impulse Control"

I have been reading (okay, listening) to Snow Crash. For those who have not read it, simply you just need to know that there is a character who has tattooed on his head "Poor Impulse Control." Punishments usually include tattooing on people's forehead crimes they have committed as a warning to others around them. I laughed for a bit and thought of people in my life and what would they have tattooed on their foreheads. After a few minutes of amusement at my friends expense, the question turned back on myself. What would I have tattooed on my forehead as a warning to those around me? What crimes committed do others need to be forewarned about? Not what do I want warned, but what don't I want others to be warned about? Isn't that the amusement of the tattoo in the story? That it is a sign for everyone in plain sight what you want hidden most. "Permanently Broken"

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