Sunday, January 04, 2009


I realize I haven't posted in a while and that is something I am going to try to be better at. I have been ruminating on many different current issues recently and feel that this is a good place to attempt to articulate my thoughts on where the world is going, specifically the USA (where I live).

It was a relief to have Obama elected as the next President of the USA not because of political views, or promises made presidential candidates (as if the promises meant anything, which they don't as ruled by the Supreme court), or as a correction to our previous administration. My relief in this election is a subtle and refreshing transition in the citizens of this state.

Obama ran on the platform of hope which stands in juxtaposition to the previous administrations platform of fear. America seemingly is fueled by fear. Currently we face many fears: the economy, terrorism, house foreclosing, unemployment, and the safety of our families to name just a few. I was pleasantly surprised that despite the bleak world and how much fear there is in our culture, people came out in mass to say, "I will no longer be afraid, there is hope."

I believe humanity is greatest when it holds hope. My hope is that we maintain our new found hope and fight against political cynicism and fear over the next decade no matter who is in office.

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