Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Democracy, Freedom and Liberty.....

.... for the living only.

I only wish to say that the stories shared here are the exact reason that I believe war is not a tool for a civilization or society to influence, change, or assist another civilization and/or society. War is to destroy, annihilate, and eradicate an enemy.

Morality and ethics are a concern of the living.

I am find it hard to express the deep disgust I have for leaders of nations in modern times that lack the intellect, wisdom, and conviction to make decisions. Embrace war, embrace the slaughter, embrace the eradication of a people. To do otherwise is disingenuous and a mockery of history. If you can not embrace such a blood lust then maybe war was not the answer to the problem. Seldom has war really resolved conflicts.

Iraq Veterans Against the War

I respect and honor every soldier who has left their family to answer a call made by those who sit in offices. "When the rich wage war, it is the poor who die." And the poor who do return home continue to carry the burden of a choice that wasn't theirs.

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