Saturday, March 15, 2008

Geek Mafia - Good book and Ethically Distributed

If you don't care for the reasons, you can just go to the book I am suggesting here: Geek Mafia by Rick Dakan

For about a year now I have been struggling with a few concepts and while I am not done struggling I have come to a few conclusions along the way. I will post the thoughts, reasons, and insights later; but for now just the conclusions and what that means.

  • The current conception of intellectual property in the United States is not only epistemically bankrupt, but unethical.
  • Knowledge, Information, and Power are interrelated to the point of inseparability.
  • Ownership of knowledge and/or information is social and political power.
  • Domination and exploitation exist in the cognitive sphere of humanity as much as the emotional and physical.

You may be asking: "so what?" Well for 2008 I have set a goal to support and utilize as little "all rights reserved copyrighted" materials and instead support artists, writers, and any other individual who offers their time to totalizing human intellectual capital. I just finished a book that falls in such a category and would highly suggest it.

Rick Dakan's book was published under the Creative Commons copyright.

You can get his book here: Geek Mafia by Rick Dakan

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