Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Protect the Children!

Registered sex offenders told to ignore Halloween

This story made me ask a few questions:

  • Are Athiests going to be told to ignore Christmas?
  • Are Christians going to be told to avoid going to Coliseums?
  • Are murderers going to be prevented from going to movies with violence?
  • Are abusive spouses going to be told to avoid relationships?

I find this type of "protect the children" ideology to be completely anti-social. Yes, we as a society should protect its children. But let me suggest something:

Rather than worrying about the statistical minority of sex offenders on Halloween decorating their houses, how about we be concerned about all the fathers we are sending to Iraq and leaving children in one-parent families.

Statistically I am curious what is causing more damage in our upcoming generation. Sex offenders with carved pumpkins and Halloween decorations, or families torn apart when the fathers are sent to war.

Unfortunately, these issues are seldom about what they seem to be at face value. Instead, these distracting actions remain the best mechanism of social control, by making us feel warm and fuzzy while ignoring the realities of the world around us. I would suggest we refocus our concerns. We move from focusing on some inane fear that we can fix by forcing people to take down decorations, and instead focusing on what will protect the children of tomorrow the most: return their fathers to them.

Protect the children, allow them to have their fathers.

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